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The process of taking a clean energy research discovery and making a prototype, then rigorously testing and refining it for market readiness, requires equipment and expertise that is expensive to acquire, and rarely available when and where you need it. Energsoft software and battery scientist teams are pushing the envelope on batteries that can store much more energy than current lithium-ion cells with help from Washington Clean Energy Testbeds. 

50% of the electric vehicle costs are BATTERIES

50% of the electric vehicle costs are BATTERIES

1. Scalable Energsoft analytics pipelines for battery data originating from prototypes, field units, and other sources.

2. End-to-end data storage, querying, aggregation, analysis, and visualization of data with Energsoft software.

3. Application of advanced data analytics, such as machine learning, for continuous improvement of a lifetime with history tracking by Energsoft notifications.

4. Close cooperation with the support of design, simulation, and test activities with Energsoft support team.

5. Support the development of series production processes and process standardization across departments with Energsoft sales team.

6. Work on any ad-hoc related projects or tasks to support our fast-paced development activities in the battery testing world and the field battery monitoring with Energsoft reporting.

7. Data-driven product development in action with trace-ability on each step with Energsoft log history.

8. More in-depth analytics enabled by data-driven product development on resource-intensive to test and develop on to of Energsoft software platform.

9. Fast product development and small incremental improvements that could be easy to lose or diverge without Energsoft software tracking tools.

10. Get enough time to test thoroughly for each application, architecture, and chemistry with Energsoft software lab analytics.

11. Inconsistent, unreliable in operation many applications now have embedded batteries by Energsoft integrations with battery management systems.

12. When a battery fails today, you need to ship the entire device. Warranty claims are much more expensive without Energsoft data that can show insights that could be used for requests.

13. Increased risk of lithium plating and software that could prevent it with Energsoft.

14.  The swelling has become an issue, especially in small form factors, help us to help you understand it. 

15. Batteries continue to catch fires and Energsoft is happy to notify team before they occur.

16. Complete projects significantly faster by leveraging existing research and IP by automating routine data gathering and analysis with Energsoft cloud analytics.

17. Uncover hidden knowledge by quickly processing massive volumes of data from operating units.

18. Enable collaboration across employees, partners, departments, and throughout the organization.

19. Improve decision making with better, faster results through real-time, interactive reporting.

20. Reduce the risk of product failure by 80%, potentially saving billions of dollars.

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Batteries are critical for our clean energy future and PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS IS THE WAY TO IMPROVE

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In its own significance is growing management for batteries. Anyone who offers an automated battery life management with corrective actions to improve battery life and to optimize the battery usage within a predetermined period of time is ahead of the game. However, the main novelties are on the method of predicting and analyzing battery remaining life and replacement requirement; more particularly to the decision-making feature; automated data collection and compatibility with various platforms. We all used to be able swap a bad battery. Higher voltages and current densities put more stress on the battery nowadays. If company tries to compare system performance across market segments and applications it is almost impossible to do so. Vendors are not lying around like apples-to-apples using spec sheets alone. Work with OEMs to better design and optimize batteries for each application is difficult and unique for each product, and it is always changing. Sign up to hear from us about specials, sales, and events. Energsoft Inc. battery analytics empowers sectors with an exceptional, prevailing, and easy-to-use analytics software that enables businesses which are emerging, manufacturing, or functioning batteries and battery-powered systems to reliably deliver products in their looked-for market window with industry-leading performance and trustworthiness. The Energsoft's corporation has cloud intelligent software response that is installed and in use at transportation OEM's, global consumer electronics corporations in S&P 500, and energy storage inventors and operators.  Sign up now and help us!

Web users can collaborate and share projects with others in seconds using custom templates. AirDrop allows customers to rapidly on-board meta information to the system. Access to real-time testing and production data enables faster learning and accelerates your research. We help to prevent failure, reducing both operating and maintenance costs.  

The superior web-based cloud platform can be accessed wherever on any web-enabled devices. The energy storage software helps to predict the performance of batteries and any battery-powered systems for battery OEMs, consumer electronics, space, automotive, and energy storage industries. All battery systems data encrypted in the database and while transfer from the source via secure SSL. TDE encrypts the storage of an entire database by using a symmetric key called the database encryption key (DEK). 

We believe that predictive analytics will drive value across the battery supply chain and life cycle. Our flagship product, the DqDv portal, has plots like Voltage vs SOC, C-Rate vs Capacity, Resistance vs Cycle, Dq/Dv and many others. Users can create a custom plot like Voltage Profile with a few clicks of a button. We also help to compare battery performance with the average plots that can be generated across multiple batteries to track and evaluate the performance with statistical analyses. Battery testing and research suffers from the old software that wastes researchers time. EnergSoft battery management software provides state of the art hardware agnostic algorithms as a service to swiftly analyze massive energy data with the battery knowledge database.  One must consider key factors such as cost, turn-around time, and quality plus strike the right balance between them. It can also be challenging to get answers to such questions as: How do your batteries rate in comparison to those of your competitors? How do they differ? Is your “new and improved” battery truly improved? 

It is expected that early generation solid-state Li-ion batteries, which are claimed to be in low-volume today, will have 400 Wh/kg. Assuming they can be advanced in the same incremental way that Li-ion is today, it may be possible to envision 400-500 Wh/kg commercial batteries by 2030, instead of 300 Wh/kg.  Electrification is a major trend in the transportation sector. It is currently most prevalent in private vehicles in areas with a mature battery re-charging infrastructure. Passenger EVs are on course to become mainstream, at least in Europe, by 2024, and the enormous two-and three-wheeler fleet in India, China, and Southeast Asia will be 90% electric by 2030. With a cost learning rate (i.e. the rate at which costs fall with every doubling of capacity) of 19%, costs for batteries will plunge faster than even those for solar PV and wind technology, especially with the advent of solid-state chemistries before 2030.2 Further improvements in the cost, energy density, weight and volume of electric batteries will enable wider use of battery-storage systems in heavy road transport such as trucks and buses, and in short-haul air travel and short-sea shipping. Please ask further questions from our sales@energsoft.com team.