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Principal Data Scientist, Seattle WA

Energsoft is looking for a Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer who will help us discover the information hidden in vast amounts of data and make smarter decisions to deliver even better products.  Candidates should be strongly competent in applied statistical and data analysis, confident in solving various data engineering and machine learning problems and qualified in predictive and prescriptive analytics. They should have both in-depth technical knowledge as well as practical experience in solving data-driven problems. Candidates should also demonstrate strong soft and business communication skills, be able to understand client's needs and goals, clearly communicate ideas and concerns, collect feedback and requirements from the client and present the results or vision to both technical and business stakeholders. 


You are a creative thinker who can drive great customer experience through data-driven insights and personification. Working at the junction of data science, electrochemistry, and battery performance analytics, you will derive intelligent recommendations based on patterns in both individual and group dynamics.

  • Develop insights around task usage - categories, timing, priority – to form a basis for further research and for modeling
  • Use the results to build predictive models around task creation and completion, in order to personalize task ordering and presentation and to provide recommendations to the user
  • Develop insights around customer behavior in the app: habits, paths, segments
  • User the results to drive feature evolution and to suggest new features
  • In future, develop insights and build models that drive collaboration between users and groups across the Energsoft ecosystem


  • You are a self-starter who can work independently and also loves collaborating with a team
  • You thrive in a diverse, interdisciplinary environment
  • You have a scientific mindset
  • You enjoy informing, influencing, supporting and shaping product decisions with data
  • You have demonstrated leadership in data science, both from a product and technical view
  • You have end-to-end experience, from crafting the model idea to building the model to implementation
  • You are someone who proactively takes action, drives toward clarity, and thinks holistically
  • You have solid analytical problem solving skills, a strong attention to detail, and care about data accuracy
  • You have development experience in either Python or R
  • You are proficient in SQL and have a practical knowledge of database management
  • You have experience and are highly competent with machine learning techniques
  • You have a strong knowledge of Statistics
  • You have experience in one of: customer analytics, recommendation systems, social physics, network science, computational social science   
  • At least 5+ years non-academic experience in data science

EnergSoft is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity. Energsoft acknowledges your performance by investing in your health and financial future and by ensuring your work-life-balance. software engineering recommender systems

If you or someone you know is passionate about working on the latest and hottest areas that will help you develop skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.  Does pioneering new and innovative ways to collect and showcase key customer data sound exciting to you?  

  • Do code reviews
  • Collaborate with other teams to get better result implementing new features and resolving performance issues
  • Knowledge or at least a background in Deep Neural Networks
  • Experience in building large-scale recommender engines (collaborative filtering, KNN, associative rule learning, custom similarity metrics etc.)
  • Experience with cloud computing services (GCP, AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud)

Our software helps battery engineers automate repetitive tasks so they can elevate their work and provides powerful analytics capabilities. We are looking for people who ask ‘Why’ questions more often then ‘How’. If this and the above statements are about you – send us your CV with mail subject ‘Top performer is looking for a dream team’.   

Energsoft Careers - Principal Data Scientist, Seattle WA

Energsoft Careers - Principal Data Scientist, Seattle WA