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Empower Transportation, and Electronics Market

Ever-growing energy needs and depleting fossil-fuel resources demand the pursuit of sustainable energy alternatives, including both renewable energy sources and state of the art technologies. Global customers in medical, consumer electronics, and transportation markets rely on analytics software to deliver battery products or select suppliers.  AI-driven scientific analysis is best suited for optimization problems over an ample parameter space, in which knowing the optimum can reveal insight into fundamental mechanisms that underpin the system. However, in the physical sciences, we often want automated analysis since the experiments are carefully constructed to test specific hypotheses. Energsoft specializes in automatic data processing and AI. Energsoft main focus for sales is in the following markets: Leading Startups and University Labs, Transportation, Energy Storage, Consumer Electronics, Battery OEMs, and suppliers.

Reduce total cost of Battery ownership (TCBO)

Voltage Profile

Reduce the risk of product failure by 80%, potentially saving billions of dollars

Energsoft main focus for sales is in the following markets: Leading Startups, Transportation, Energy Storage, Consumer Electronics, Battery OEMs, and Medical. All companies work on platforms to convert data into information and later into knowledge. Such a process is generating more and more battery performance data than they can keep pace with.

Tired of waiting for your battery cycling data? Use the Energsoft software platform to tame huge amounts of data with powerful web-based data analytics, machine learning, and built-in visualization platform to accelerate your research, automate data processing, and improve your analysis process, helping you get to market faster with a higher quality product. 

The battery management system software has tools to automate real-time data visualization, reporting, and dashboards. We are not a battery management system, we are lying on top of it and help you to get even better insights.  

Battery Predictions, Precision and Recall improvements

Maintenance & Time Savings for Research and Development

Today’s advanced batteries require a range of specialized analytical tools to better understand the electrochemical processes that occur during battery cycling. With increasing demands for higher battery performance and improved safety, a better understanding of the factors affecting performance, cycle life, and possible failure mechanisms are essential. Measuring the chemical state of the battery components such as the cathode, anode, separator, electrolyte, contact layers and additives, at various stages of cycling provides vital information about the electrochemical processes that occur during battery use in the products. Who are our main customer categories?

Capacity predictions

The Turning Point - perspective on climate change

Increase Battery Reliability and Safety

You are identifying manufacturing issues with real-time battery analytics, monitoring the health of energy storage assets and systems in milliseconds from data to insights in the dashboards.  Meet all specifications with less burden. We are streamlining internal and external reporting with automatic reports to crucial stakeholders Device linking to maximize performance.  

Decrease Battery Test Cycle Times

Identifying test issues as soon as they occur with alerts and notifications to your email or your phone.  Improving validation at the cell level with advanced differential capacity plots and deep learning models for bench-marking.  Analyze the data from devices in multiple locations and countries in single and easy to use interface on the web   

Data Visualizations

Empower transportation, and electronics market

Additional Information

1.  Directly tie vendor testing in Asia to testing performed in-house, ensuring reliability across the ocean with Energsoft cloud platform hosted in any region on the planet.

2.  Automate pass / fail to report, including more in-depth analysis beyond basic statistics with notifications directly to your phone or email.

3.  More importantly, when something is amiss, customers can quickly dig in and determine the root cause with real-time interactive analysis with data science and machine learning.

4.  Compare system performance across market segments and applications with apples to the apple approach.

5.  Identify and troubleshoot poorly performing systems.

6.  Predictive analytics for battery lifetime and failure. Assess SOH and remaining service life; schedule maintenance, replacement; estimate warranty liability.

7.  Complete projects significantly faster (10x or more) by leveraging existing research and IP, and automating routine data gathering and analysis.

8.  Uncover hidden knowledge by quickly aggregating and processing massive volumes of data from different operating units.

9.  Enable collaboration across employees, partners, departments and throughout the organization.

10.  Improve decision making with better, faster results through real-time, interactive reporting.

11.  Reduce the risk of product failure by 80%, potentially saving billions of dollars.

12.  Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) through a common and consistent approach to IT services.

13.  Integrated data management with fully customizable notebook templates: Capture metadata around battery materials, processing, test conditions, and observations.

14.  Associate Notebook data directly with performance data, analyze in interactive plots in Energsoft

15.  Analytics Algorithms that calculate the Next testing schedule and remaining battery life.

16.  Replacement justification for each product related to the battery.

17.  Reduce capital expenditure cost and avoid moving everything to China or Asia.

18.  Optimize battery capacity testing costs and minimize risks of laboratory damage.

19.  Digitized in cloud storage, easy retrieval when required.

20.  Certifications and standards

21.  Physical model of inspection in battery production environments that is capable of screening every cell with high fidelity

22.  Continuous update of natural adjustable cloud-hosted electric-thermal-aging battery models.

23.  Some companies have taken steps to automate analysis, creating some basic scripting or Excel macros. These often produce static reports or require further investigation in Excel.

24.  Still can’t dig into the data easily or compare across your tests. Often leads to complacency, guesswork, and even less data analysis.

25.  Learning and the opportunity for improvement stop once it leaves your section of the organization.

26.  Data is starting to flow back, as warranty claims from long-life applications are sent back to battery vendors.

27.  Organizations are spending a lot of money to generate this data, but are only scratching the surface of its value, typically running only pass-fail analysis or looking at top-level statistics.

28. More in-depth analytics enabled by data-driven product development

29.  Ensure that batteries will last long enough in the application, minimizing warranty risks.

30.  Identify and troubleshoot poorly performing systems with Energsoft engineering and battery scientists.

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