Prescriptive Battery Analytics Software to Improve Batteries

ENERGSOFT supports enterprises across industries with prescriptive battery analytics software based on the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence. 

We empower customers to develop and use battery systems more efficiently and reliably. Precise predictions of battery conditions and aging significantly optimize battery development and use. Exact determination of the current situation also enables certification of batteries for reuse and second life.

Case Study: What problem is this solving for you?

"Our company does a lot of cycling testing and field telemetry: charge the batteries up and discharge them to zero for six months or longer at a time. We also perform load tests based on product needs these tests to generate a lot of data. Batteries are cells but also have electronics around them. Electronics generate relevant data that sampled every minute. Every minute over six months means that a lot of data is being generated. We use data to plot and analyze things such as whether the battery is good for liability reasons or the product life cycle. Normally our team has had homegrown tools to analyze the data. Still, the company wanted to use a more standardized tool to measure the data, as well as to collect the data generated from tests in different locations around the world. Energsoft was one of the companies that we thought could help. When Energsoft came to our Company, Energsoft helped build it up to our requirements and compliant standards, and are continuing to do so."

Fortune 100: Why you picked Energsoft?

“Everybody would like to get off Excel files if they can. Our team wanted a database, prediction, and fault analytics tool that gets the data faster. We don’t have to invest in a software team to do this. Fundamentally, battery analytics is very useful for a lot of things other than just a collection of data: how to throttle a system if something is going bad, how to add more capacity when needed, or when the battery is running low how to extend the battery. Data analytics tools like Energsoft are critical for that. Voltaiq a more established company, but they are also charging a few times more. Voltaiq wanted to sell its existing solution but our Company wanted a lot more customizations. Energsoft gave that option. Energsoft customer service level: it’s been good. They have a support help desk, emails, and conference calls. technical issues are getting resolved in a good amount of time.”

Channel Status Dashboard

Status Dashboards of Batteries

Dashboard for Channel data visualization, when done right, can transform not only the way you present results to colleagues and stakeholders in your organization but also the way you explore and analyze the data itself. Decrease Battery Test Cycle Times

ML Training's on SAAS Platform

ML Training's on SAAS Platform

The data cleaning takes 80% of the machine learning model preparation. For qualifying labs and field customers, we are happy to schedule a free one-on-one or group training session on how to train ML models. Try our Enterprise-level Software Enabled by AI and ML.

Energy Storage And Battery Analytics Software

Set Up Data Mining in Few Hours

We’re fanatical about delivering exceptional customer support to increase safety. Evaluating and integrating new software tools is challenging. Organize gigabytes of performance data and metadata by searching, grouping, stitching and filtering over thousands of cycles. 

The top Customer use cases for Big Data analytics:

 1. R&D (OEMs, ESs, EVs)

  • Materials Design and Selection
  • Accelerating Development Cycles
  • Shave Months Off Time to Market
3. Product Design (Supplier Selection, Financials & Operations)
  • Reduced Costs Through Accelerated End-of-Line Testing
  • System Sizing
  • Battery Management System Algorithm Design
2. Battery Fleet Monitoring (Manufacturers, Service Providers)
  • Anomaly Detection 
  • Lifetime Prediction
  • Real-time Alerts and Notifications
4. Warranty and Replacement (Second Battery Life Providers, Recyclers)
  • Predictive Maintenance and Reduced Warranty Costs
  • 2nd Life Application Selection 
  • Creating Feedback Loops to Iteratively Improve Operations  

Battery Analytics for Voltage, Current, Power, and Energy clusters

Increase Battery Reliability and Safety

Usability and Performance for Materials Process Data

Grid storage and solar panel batteries

 Flow-Through I/O – Provides a single-entry point, harmonizing data fields for all measurement and control points from top test equipment manufacturers.

Data Agility and IoT System Integrations

Military and NASA Batteteries

Real-Time View – Our platform integrates data streams generated in several locations for real-time display

Local and Cloud Access or Hybrid Cloud if Necessary

Energsoft Battery Testing and Analytics on Premis

Remote Access – Enables both off-site data analytics and viewing or adjusting battery operation remotely.

Security & Privacy for Production Data

Medical Device Batteries

Automated data processing saves human scientists significant time by reducing the low-level data conversion overhead. 

Integration and Collaboration

Automotive Batteries

Administration and role management – Supports different access levels for all users and customization of resource allocations for projects, roles, and teams

In-Use Data Access

Electrical Vehicle Batteries

Refresh data and view reports – Share your projects with your partners and clients through safe, encrypted access links with customizable access expiration

Bjorn Frogner - CEO at Battery Informatics

Bjorn Frogner - CEO at Battery Informatics, Inc.

"I was at that time getting lots of data from testing on our Arbin battery tester. I had no tool other than Excel at the time when I started. We needed to support an SBIR project that we got from DOE in August 2017 plus a commercial project at about the same time. We were in a hurry because we needed to impress our customers. We have to improve batteries by shipping products faster, increasing performance, and reducing costs for our customers. EnergSoft supports custom test hardware like Basytec, Garmin, Arbin, Neware, Maccor, BioLogic Landt, Gamry, Novonix, and Admiral Instruments. We are now writing proposals to those customers to expand the projects. We are, to a large extent using the results of the analysis we produced by using the Energsoft analysis platform."  

Antony Parulian - VP of Sales and Marketing at Arbin

Antony Parulian - VP of Sales and Marketing at Arbin Instruments, LLC

"EnergSoft could be an ideal candidate to provide you with customizing a solution to tame large amounts of past data and the future data that will continue generated from Arbin Instruments hardware."   

The software allows the user quickly organize metadata to find, group, stitch and search over thousands of cycles. They have support for 1GB files with 100,000+ cycles. Energsoft web portal has plots like Voltage vs SOC, C-Rate vs Capacity, Resistance vs Cycle, Dq/Dv and many others. Users can create a custom plot like Voltage Profile with few clicks of a button. We also help to compare battery performance with the average plots that can be generated across multiple batteries to track and analyze the performance with statistical analyses.

Douglas Morris - CEO Polaris Battery Labs

Douglas (A.) Morris - CEO Polaris Battery Labs, LLC

"Polaris has been working with EnergSoft for the past several years to review, direct, and help them adapt their code to address a wide range of data monitoring and reporting needs commonly required of most battery developers." 

The software has a Windows desktop package with an Air-Drop feature to extract excel file data directly from the hardware and to automate real-time data visualization. Web users can collaborate and share projects with custom templates with others in seconds. Air-Drop allows customers to rapidly onboard meta information to the system. Entry to real-time testing and production data enables faster learning and research. We help to prevent failure, reducing both operating and maintenance costs. 

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