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We are all familiar with batteries. At least to some extent. We've been using batteries for our watches, children’s toys, flashlights, mobile phones, laptops, and many other devices for decades now. Today, the world is witnessing a real revolution, however. 

The market and policy landscape for transportation electrification is changing rapidly. Automakers are announcing new electric models monthly. 

The key to unlocking the mystery of battery life lies in the data. The underlying core potential of battery data, when leveraged with data analytics, can help accurately determine, predict, and improve battery life. 

It will help ensure cost optimizations and zero downtime and radically accelerate the transition of businesses to an all-electric future.  

The first level of automation in science is automated data processing. This level is purely software-based and automated data processing is where Energsoft is saving time on data wrangling.

Battery Development, Manufacturing, and Operations

Use cases for Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI

 1. R&D

  • Materials Design
  • Materials Selection
  • Life Prediction
  • Accelerating Development Cycles and Time-to-Market
2. Production
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Reduced Costs Through Accelerated End-of-Line Testing
3. System Design
  • Lifetime Prediction
  • System Sizing
  • Battery Management System Algorithm Design
4. Operations
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • 2nd Life Application Selection 
  • Creating Feedback Loops to Iteratively Improve Operations  

Battery Development, Manufacturing, and Operations. Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI
Battery Development, Manufacturing, and Operations. Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI

Maintenance & Time Savings for Research and Development

Decrease Battery Test Cycle Times

Identifying test issues as soon as they occur with alerts and notifications to your email or your phone.  Improving validation at the cell level with advanced differential capacity plots and deep learning models for bench marking.  Analyze the data from devices in multiple locations and countries in single and easy to use interface on the web   

Increase Battery Reliability and Safety

Identifying manufacturing issues with real-time battery analytics.  Monitoring the health of energy storage assets and systems in milliseconds from data to insights in the dashboards.  Meet all specifications with less burden.  Streamlining internal and external reporting with automatic reports to key stake holders Device linking to maximize performance.  

Energy Storage And Battery Analytics Software

Software Analytics Platform For Batteries

Business to Business Analytics Software-As- A-Service Subscription

As utility services and car-makers transition away from non-renewable energy sources, batteries become ever-more critical for efficient energy storage, leaving battery manufacturers racing to bring higher capacity, longer lasting batteries to market before their competitors. But in the process, they are generating more battery performance data than they can keep pace with.

Software Security Best Practices

Electrochemical Data Processing Software

Tired of waiting for your battery cycling data? Use Energsoft software platform to tame huge amounts of data with powerful web-based data analytics, machine learning, and built-in visualization platform to accelerate your research, automate data processing, and improve your analysis process, helping you get to market faster with a higher quality product . The superior software allows users to quickly organize metadata - finding, grouping, stitching, and searching over thousands of cycles. Energsoft supports up to 1 GB Excel files with 100,000+ cycles or ongoing real-time storage testing up to 12 months. 

Machine Learning for Batteries

Enterprise software enabled by AI and machine learning to help improve energy storage and battery management software

The battery management system software has a Windows desktop package with an AirDrop feature to extract Excel file data directly from the hardware and to automate real-time data visualization, reporting and dashboards. We are not battery management system, we are lie on top of it and help you to get even better insights.

LIFE-CYCLE solution For RENEWABLE Energy Sources

Battery R&D

Cells and Battery Packs

Was the battery made well with the right materials?

Is battery quality consistent?

How much value can the battery deliver?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Battery Pack Analytics for SmarBattery

Was the battery integrated properly?

What is the expected lifetime and is the system safe?

Is energy storage system safe?

Battery Product User

Renewable Energy in Transportation

Was the battery used properly? 

Is my warranty valid?

What is the best application for this energy storage second life?


Get help with setup for dashboards with real-time status

Energy Storage Inventory Management

Email us at support@energsoft.com with your questions and we will get back to you in less than one business day.  Data visualization – when done right – can transform not only the way you present results to colleagues and stakeholders in your organization, but also the way you explore and analyze the data itself. 

Free one-on-one training

Battery Metadata Management

For qualifying labs, we are happy to schedule a free one-on-one or group training session and tour to answer any questions.  We all use graphs to communicate data. But poorly designed, misleading graphs can do more harm than good. 

Get set up in few hours

Chemistry and Formation Optimizations

We’re fanatical about delivering exceptional customer support.   Evaluating new software tools is challenging. We are here to answer any questions. How can you be sure your visualizations add real value – not just noise? 

Guided by feedback from users in R&D and FIELD

Usability and Performance

Improve performance of your team working with data

User-Friendly Interface – Platform-agnostic (Mobile OS, Windows, Linux, Mac) user interface

 Flow-Through I/O – Provides a single-entry point, harmonizing data fields for all measurement and control points from top test equipment manufacturers

Data Agility and IoT

Automatic and interactive plots

Real-Time View – Our platform integrates data streams generated in several locations for real-time display

"What was most important to me was the speed of plotting the data compared to using Excel spreadsheets. My laptop would easily spend 10 minutes just to open the file and then regularly spend 5 minutes to process every small change in my plots. "

Custom Software and Remote Access

Energsoft Battery Testing and Analytics on Premis

Remote Access – Enables both off-site data analytics and viewing or adjusting battery operation remotely.

Onsite visit can be arranging to discuss customized solution or project that fit to your organizational specific needs, security and privacy requirements. EnergSoft supports custom test hardware like Arbin, Neware, Maccor, Landt, Novonix, Admiral Instruments etc.

Security and Privacy

Data Encryption and Privacy

Automated data processing saves human scientists significant time by reducing the low-level data conversion overhead. Often, scientific instrumentation saves data in obtuse formats, and it can take hours to extract data into a usable format, let alone extract meaningful insight. The time savings can be massive—the process of “data wrangling” in data science often takes 90% of the analysis time, and  a similar ratio for battery analysis. 

Share and Collaborate

Differential Capacity analyze

Administration and role management – Supports different access levels for all users and customization of resource allocations for projects, roles and teams

 Different battery cyclers (potentiostats) save data in a variety of different spreadsheet formats. The main challenge is that the “units” of interest, single cycles, run together in a spreadsheet format. Separating cycles can be difficult to automate if the electrochemical conditions are changing with each experiment. 

Data Access

Desktop and cloud web-based software

Refresh data and view reports – Share your projects with your partners and clients through safe, encrypted access links with customizable access expiration

The real-time data access from all your locations and devices anywhere and anytime on any web-connected devices. The data is automatically replicated for backup in the cloud database.  Autonomous data analysis is essentially artificial intelligence, in which a computer makes decisions on data   

Partners and Customers

Bjorn Frogner - CEO at Battery Informatics, Inc.

Bjorn Frogner - CEO at Battery Informatics

"I was at that time getting lots of data from testing on our Arbin battery tester. I had no tool other than Excel at the time when I started. We needed to support an SBIR project that we got from DOE in August 2017 plus a commercial project at about the same time. We were in a hurry because we needed to impress our customers. We have to improve batteries by shipping products faster, increasing performance, and reducing costs for our customers.

We are now writing proposals to those customers to expand the projects. We are, to a large extent using the results of the analysis we produced by using the Energsoft analysis platform."  

Antony Parulian - VP of Sales and Marketing at Arbin Instruments, LLC

Antony Parulian - VP of Sales and Marketing at Arbin

"EnergSoft could be an ideal candidate to provide you with customizing a solution to tame large amounts of past data and the future data that will continue generated from Arbin Instruments hardware."   

The software allows user quickly organize metadata to find, group, stitch and search over thousands of cycles. They have support for 1GB files with 100,000+ cycles. Energsoft web portal has plots like Voltage vs SOC, C-Rate vs Capacity, Resistance vs Cycle, Dq/Dv and many others. Users can create a custom plot like Voltage Profile with few clicks of a button. We also help to compare battery performance with the average plots that can be generated across multiple batteries to track and analyze the performance with statistical analyses.

Douglas (A.) Morris - CEO Polaris Battery Labs, LLC

Douglas Morris - CEO Polaris Battery Labs

"Polaris has been working with EnergSoft for the past several years to review, direct, and help them adapt their code to address a wide range of data monitoring and reporting needs commonly required of most battery developers." 

The software has a Windows desktop package with an Air-Drop feature to extract excel file data directly from the hardware and to automate real-time data visualization. Web users can collaborate and share projects with custom templates with others in seconds. Air-Drop allows customers to rapidly onboard meta information to the system. Entry to real-time testing and production data enables faster learning and research. We help to prevent failure, reducing both operating and maintenance costs. 

The Importance of Battery Testing

Performance and Costs

Battery manufacturers are liable for their end products. They have to comply with several standards like IEEE, and they compete in the market to make the best offer in terms of both performance and cost. They need to make a well thought out decision on every aspect of the device, and so it's not surprising that they want to base their choice on the best information available. Also, most of the manufacturing is all in China, Japan or Korea.
For battery cells, modules, or packs, information often comes in the form of a battery data sheet provided by the battery manufacturer. Strikingly, there is no real standard for such datasheets with time, current, voltage, capacity, and other parameters. The data you find on one Excel spreadsheet might be missing on another. 

Testing to Access the Battery Value

To assess the value of a battery objectively, it should be subjected to more elaborative testing. To obtain reliable results, testing activities should be carried out at dedicated battery testing laboratories with multiple measurement techniques like HPPC, DST, FUDS, and impedance spectroscopy. 

These facilities are often equipped with multiple testing devices specifically designed for testing battery cells, modules, and complete packs or even systems. Testing can include electrical, mechanical, and thermal test programs.  

Examples of measurements related to the performance, aging, and safety of batteries included common measurements, state of health and state of charge of the battery.

Common Measurements

  1. Capacity at different charging and discharging rates in different thermal conditions
  2. Internal resistance or impedance at different life stages
  3. Calendar and cycle life in different (operational) requirements
  4. Robustness of the battery
  5. Heat generation during charging and discharging processes
  6. Frequency, Impedance, Theoretical Capacity
  7. Voltage Drop, Average and Median Voltage
  8. The thickness of the Solid Electrolyte Interface layer (SEI)
  9. Differential capacity and voltage.

Data in Different Formats

Or maybe the characteristics are not defined in the same way. This makes it very difficult to compare one solution to the next. Moreover, most of the time, datasheet values are measured in conditions that are not representative of the end application. For these reasons, it’s almost impossible for product manufacturers to estimate the real value of a battery.   

Many different battery technologies are available on the market today, and each one has its own set of distinguishing characteristics. But even batteries with the same basic chemistry can exhibit substantial differences, especially when they come from different manufacturers. So Energsoft figured that it has to be a way to do an apple to apple comparison across tests, hardware, and battery types.

Drive for New Software Platform

As the drive for new solutions to address common issues like efficiency, sustainability, climate change, and user-friendliness accelerate, so too makes the demand for high-performance battery systems.

It is ranging from mobile applications such as electric bikes, cars, buses and boats, and power tools like drills, screwdrivers, and chain saws to stationary solutions that support the electricity grid and local energy systems.

Some systems consistently operate in a well-controlled and stable environment, while others need to be able to survive in harsh conditions. From this, it’s clear that manufacturers of end applications need to select the most appropriate battery technology for their specific products. You might think that’s an easy job. 

Testing Equipment

Testing equipment can run standard testing protocols, as defined by the international community, but can also be programmed to perform specific testing that is more relevant to the end application. Testing equipment can run standard testing protocols, as defined by the international community, but can also be programmed to perform specific testing that is more relevant to the end application.  

Whether you are working in a relevant field or you are just a battery enthusiast, you likely have a lot of questions about battery testing. What are the correct approach for testing cells, modules, and packs? Which equipment should be used? How do you process testing data to obtain results for end customers? Or how do you process data for battery modeling or the development of battery management systems (BMS)? Why are these tests being performed? 

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Empower transportation, and electronics market

Ever-growing energy needs and depleting fossil-fuel resources demand the pursuit of sustainable energy alternatives, including both renewable energy sources and state of the art sustainable technologies. Global customers in medical, consumer electronics and transportation markets rely on analytics software to deliver battery products or select suppliers.  AI-driven scientific analysis is best suited for optimization problems over a large parameter space, in which knowing the optimum can reveal insight into fundamental mechanisms that underpin the system. However, in the physical sciences, we often just want automated analysis, since the experiments are carefully constructed to test specific hypotheses. Energsoft specializes in automated data processing and AI.

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