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We believe that battery technology is the clear leader in the sustainable energy revolution. We provide business to business software analytics subscription. As hybrid and electric vehicles rapidly transition from being government-mandated vehicles to mainstream transportation, and as wind and solar power growing deployment worldwide. Companies are realizing that in order to meet the demands for electrified OEM's and energy storage their supply chains will need to expand significantly over the next decade.

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Customer needs into battery Performance

Artificial intelligence technology and energy

Artificial intelligence technology and energy storage

EnergSoft, Inc. is a startup founded by a graduate of the University of Washington Foster School of Business. We think that artificial intelligence technology and energy storage are the top technologies of our time. We created EnergSoft with the clean energy revolution, cloud computing and power of AI in mind, because data is not shared in the industry value chain and too many possible insights are wasted.

Deprived battery performance

Deprived battery performance

Energy Storage Performance is a primary cause of user unhappiness across a broad range of applications, and is a crucial bottleneck hindering the growth of mobile technology, electric vehicles, and grid energy storage. Companies repeat up to 60% of their experiments with resulting increased costs and longer Research and Development with losing most interesting insights from the data.

Achieve KPI's metrics

Achieve KPI's metrics

Engineering battery systems are complicated, requiring extensive testing for vendor selection. With our DqDv platform engineers can uncover hidden knowledge by quickly aggregating and processing massive volumes of data from different streams.


EnergSoft helps to craft quality products faster using fewer funds while ensuring reliability, eventually turning energy storage performance into a competitive gain from battery cyclers and external data streams. With increasing time for warranties there are more challenges to make consistent results without variations in energy storage irreversible capacity.

Energsoft Story

Our mission is to innovate and help to discover new materials that will generate and store renewable and clean energy in a low-cost. We are environmentally-caring organization and we want to make an impact at scale, because of energy storage perhaps the most important scientific challenge facing society today. However, all phases of this scientific process – design, synthesis, and characterization – are routinely stymied by the same challenge: researchers are not equipped to handle the deluge of data coming from their labs and high-performance computers. Energsoft  accelerates slow battery modernization by giving engineering teams more powerful data supervision and analysis abilities.

Data-Driven Product Development

We enable partners, engineers, and business people to collaborate across organizations. Investment in BMS-driven products with back loop from data is preventing future problems in the field. Designing better materials for rechargeable batteries requires understanding of the many physical processes that determine their performance.

We believe in the clean planet with electrochemistry and AI

 We move quickly, both internally and externally, operating under a core set of values that includes responsible freedom, passionate execution, and an unwavering work ethic. If a fast-paced, exciting job helping to revolutionize the energy sector fits your personality and career objectives. New opportunities for data management and data science as more electric vehicles  and grid installations come online. The planet is 100 Gigafactories away from fossil fuel independence according to Elon Musk. 


Energy storage is driven by an international commitment to reduce fossil fuel use and carbon emissions. It is also part of an effort by countries with growing populations to provide more electrical power and stability to electricity grids, with fewer power plants and lower cost infrastructure. We think it’s very rewarding work and are excited to be a part of something so transformative – how about you? Let’s have a conversation. We enjoy taking the time to fully understand your business, challenges and opportunities. You will get direct access to all levels of the Energsoft team to properly address your needs. Whether you are looking for a product, need help in product development or would like to better understand our services, we are happy to help.


Software Engineering Team with 85 years of Experience

 Our product is a battery intelligence platform hosted on Microsoft Azure.   

Customers pay per usage. and not per device or channel. DqDv is a software as a service platform that brings data analytics, visualization, and predictive capabilities to any company with an energy storage-powered business model. For our team, it is all about making Energsoft a platform that you can use to accelerate product development, improve performance, ensure safety and reliability.  Our high-powered team comprises PhD scientists, expert data professionals, and battery industry entrepreneurs, all passionate about enabling the global energy transition. EnergSoft, Inc. headquarters is located in Seattle, WA, USA. Our team contains PhDs, software engineers, and data scientists in New York (USA), Florence (Italy), and two locations in Ukraine.

State-of-the-art in real-time data analytics

 Analyzing that data is the key to making breakthroughs and winning market share, yet in-house analytics tools—often cobbled together to meet individual engineers’ needs—don’t scale to high volumes of data and fail to deliver the key performance insights researchers and business managers need to improve growth or advance invention and manufacturing.  EnergSoft solves this problem by delivering a data management and analytics solution tailored to the needs of the battery industry. Our cloud-hosted platform gives swift insights into your battery designs to dramatically accelerate the R&D process. With EnergSoft analytics, you get products with superior performance and consistency while reducing development cost and time-to-market.  EnergSoft’s proprietary algorithms help minimize challenges and bottlenecks in battery development. We can automate data collection, data stitching, and statistical data analysis. Our proactive deep-learning methodology uses your data to identify design problems and reveal the true impact of material choices, process changes, and test settings. Key investments in analytics software can boost your pace and improve results. 

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Connected Energy Storage in the Cloud

Reduce total cost of Battery ownership (TCBO)


1.  Directly tie vendor testing in Asia to testing performed in-house, ensuring reliability across the ocean with Energsoft cloud platform hosted in any region on the planet.

2.  Automate pass / fail reporting, including deeper analysis beyond basic statistics with notifications directly to your phone or email.

3.  More importantly, when something is amiss customers can quickly dig in and determine the root cause with real-time interactive analysis with data science and machine learning.

4.  Compare system performance across market segments and applications with apples to apples approach.

5.  Identify and troubleshoot poorly performing systems.

6.  Predictive analytics for battery lifetime and failure. Assess SOH and remaining service life; schedule maintenance, replacement; estimate warranty liability.

7.  Complete projects significantly faster (10x or more) by leveraging existing research and IP, and automating routine data gathering and analysis.

8.  Uncover hidden knowledge by quickly aggregating and processing massive volumes of data from different operating units.

9.  Enable collaboration across employees, partners, departments and throughout the organization.

10.  Improve decision making with better, faster results through real-time, interactive reporting.

11.  Reduce the risk of product failure by 80%, potentially saving billions of dollars.

12.  Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) through a common and consistent approach to IT services.

13.  Integrated data management with fully customizable notebook templates: Capture metadata around battery materials, processing, test conditions, and observations.

14.  Associate Notebook data directly with performance data, analyze in interactive plots in Energsoft

15.  Analytics Algorithms that calculate Next testing schedule and remaining battery life.

16.  Replacement justification for each product related to the battery.

17.  Reduce capital expenditure cost and avoid moving everything to China or Asia.

18.  Optimize battery capacity testing costs and minimize risks of laboratory damage.

19.  Digitized in cloud storage, easy retrieval when required.

20.  Certifications and standards

21.  Physical mode of inspection in battery production environments that is capable of screening every cell with high fidelity

22.  Continuous update of easy adjustable cloud-hosted electric-thermal-aging battery models.

23.  Some companies have taken steps to automate analysis, creating some basic scripting or Excel macros. These often produce static reports or require further analysis in Excel.

24.  Still can’t dig into the data easily or compare across your tests. Often leads to complacence, guesswork, and even less data analysis.

25.  Learning and the opportunity for improvement stop once it leaves your section of the organization.

26.  Data is starting to flow back, as warranty claims from long-life applications are sent back to battery vendors.

27.  Organizations are spending a lot of money to generate this data, but are only scratching the surface of its value, typically running only pass-fail analysis or looking at top-level statistics.

28.  Deeper analytics enabled by data-driven product development

29.  Ensure that batteries will last long enough in the application, minimizing warranty risks.

30.  Identify and troubleshoot poorly performing systems with Energsoft engineering and battery scientists.

Reduce the risk of product failure by 80%, potentially saving billions of dollars.

1.  Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) through a common and consistent approach to IT services.

2.  Predictive analytics for battery lifetime and failure

3.  Assess SOH and remaining service life; schedule maintenance, replacement; estimate warranty liability

4.  Reported ‘cycle-life’ uses a simplistic cycle that doesn’t represent your application.

5.  An expected lifetime in the application is impossible to determine without adequate testing, leading to warranty risks.

6.  Many OEMs are sending people back and forth to Asia regularly to design and qualify custom batteries.

7.  QA data is being generated both in Asia at the battery vendors and in-house.

8.  Highly paid engineers spend hours per day doing basic analysis, relying on outdated desktop software, inadequate

9.  spreadsheet-based processes, and expensive custom IT systems.

10.  Companies employ full-time technicians to process data, which can introduce errors and create a disconnect between the engineers making decisions and the insights they need to make them.
15. Safety battery testing, mechanical integrity and abuse.

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